Located 20 minutes south of the border from San Diego, California, this proximity to the border and scenic location between the Pacific Ocean and coastal foothills, makes Rosarito Beach (or Playas de Rosarito) one of the leading resort towns in Baja California.

Rosarito has spread out and on the drive down from San Diego, you will notice just how much Tijuana and Rosarito have grown together. However the main urban district of Rosarito is a four mile stretch along the beach on Boulevard Benito Juarez of hotels, condominiums,restaurants,giftshops.

Rosarito is a fun place for youth to party on weekends and local nightclubs due to its proximity to California and the drinking age of 18 in Mexico.

However, Rosarito has spread out so much and many Americans come to Rosarito to retire in beautiful Ocean View communities, as well as to vacation in the beautiful condominiums for rent, and still others for the famous lobster dinners.

My favorite for eating lobster in 20 miles south of Rosarito at a myriad of lobster houses called “Puerto Nuevo” or Newport. Bristling with tourists and excellent lobster and seafood, this has become a favorite spot to eat lobster and enjoy an excellent view of the Pacific.

Also located in the city of Rosarito are great curbside taquerias or “taco shops.” You can sit curbside and laugh with the people eating next to you and enjoy some of the best tacos in the world! From carne asada to fish or shrimp, these tiny tacos are an appetizer or a full meal depending on how many you can eat!