Ms. Celia G. Diaz, Executive Director

Celia Diaz originally ran the operation from Bay General Hospital, but moved in 1988 to a quality office space in the business section of downtown Chula Vista when Bay General discontinued the operation due to budgetary constraints. Ms. Diaz decided to open the non-profit on her own, principally relying on private donations from her and other contributors. The success of Binational also allowed the organization to expand into Baja California and throughout Mexico. Responding to emergency calls coming from any part of the country of Mexico. Binational Emergency is not departmentalized. The Executive Director, Celia Diaz, is also the CEO, CFO, and lead manager.

Dr. Jesus Machado Salas

President Dr. Machado belongs to the Epilepsy Program of Excellence of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Once a year, he meets with neuroscientists, neurologists and neurosurgeons from throughout the world to share the newest information on the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. He is well known by his many happy patients many of whom suffered severe head trauma injuries. They survived and they are grateful to Dr. Machado and his staff. He is one of the most dedicated volunteers and enjoys being President of Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee. Dr. Machado is a BEMCC medical advisor during the transport of trauma patients from Mexico. He also assists BEMCC with the programming and selection of speakers of BEMCC medical seminars offered on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border.

Maria Bongiovanni

Executive Secretary Maria Bongiovanni is one of our excellent volunteers who has contributed to the success of BEMCC. She is presently working at a very prestigious research program at UCSD School of Medicine. She has been very active in helping us promote fund raising events, seminars and walk-a-thons in order to raise funds for our non-profit corporation. BEMCC does not receive federal, state or local funding. Therefore BEMCC has to depend on these fundraising events and the donations from the public to provide the life saving service to our Binational community. She enjoys traveling, reading and being with her family and grandchildren.

Ene Ortiz, Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Ortiz is a public accountant who shares her offices with the BEMCC. She has developed a strong relationship with the BEMCC and has dedicated many hours in pursuing the committee’s main goal, which is to save lives and help our binational community.

Terry Singleton, Attorney

Mr. Singleton is the Legal Advisor of the Consulate of Mexico in San Diego, Santa Ana and Calexico, California. He has been serving as the Legal Advisor for BEMCC Board of Directors since 1984. Mr. Singleton has been one of the loyal BEMCC volunteers. He is always available to provide support and advise on any problems related with the international transport of patients from both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. Most recently he was available to provide support to the families who suffered loss or injury during the recent San Diego County wildfires in November 2007. One of his favorite hobbies is playing golf. He supports all of the BEMCC fund raising events and is always ready to help during emergency situations on both sides of the U.S/Mexico border.

Gilbert Montano, Volunteer

Gilberto Montano is a Vietnam Veteran who served in Vietnam in 1965. He was wounded during his combat tour in Vietnam and awarded the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Bronze Star. He served as a Special Agent for National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). In 1993, he was officially recognized by the NICB and FBI for a job well done during his employment with this agency. He now works as an investigator for several lawyers and law firms in San Diego doing investigations on cross-border issues. Mr. Montano is a very active volunteer of BEMCC Board of Directors. Mr. Montano is always available to assist BEMCC on any activities or solve any problems related with the international transport of patients from both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.

Steve Diaz, Information Technology Consultant

Steve graduated with dual Master degrees and is currently an IT Analyst and consultant. He has donated his consulting fees to help his mother, Celia Diaz, utilize the latest technology to help BEMCC. Steve has helped with the current website, database, and all network communication links for the transport of BEMCC members.