Driving down from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas for the Baja Race, I was amazed at the many opportunities to stop along the roadside, take out my snorkel and fins, and swim in many of the bays and warm ocean fronts. The drive took us two days, and we caravanned with another group for safety and convenience. We ate along the way at many local restaurants and shops, and the food was always refreshingly good and tasty. I then came back after the trip and researched the history and travel opportunities and would like to share them with you!

Cabo San Lucas is known for its white sandy beaches, several world-class scuba diving locations, and the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas show above. I encountered the warm waters myself, and heard stories of it.s world class Sports Fishing when I was in San Diego and noticed many pictures and mounting of Marlin trophies. The night life in Cabo is amazing, and you have every opportunity to dance in the local clubs or dine in the world class restaurants located at many of the resorts. We had our own four wheel drive, but you can also rent a Jeep or SUV to take you to the remote areas of town. Another exciting thing we did was rent ATVs and cruise along the sand dunes. A local guide was very familiar with all the non-tourist spots,and soon we were speeding along the ocean dunes with smiles locked on our faces! I would highly recommend a half day trip, and all food/drink was provided for a nomial fee. Though we had our own vehicle, taxis were easy to find anywhere. I would also recommend a taxi from a local hotel or resort for safety reasons.

Another adventure the next day was to walk down to the local bay area and go on a undersea motorbike excursion! You do not need any scuba certification, and it was very safe and extremely fun. We met with other tourists on the boat out to the area where the dive was, and after a brief 30 minute training we were ready. A tinge of nervous excitement and I plunged into the ocean and came up into the .bubble. helmet on the undersea bike. I throttled forward with my companions, and the dive instructors were readily nearby for assistance. He even brought us sea creatures such as puffer fish and sea anemone for us to hold and touch. This was simply amazing! See pictures below.

Local Cuisine

Some of the best food that I have tasted in Mexico was in Cabo. Anything from local seafood brought fresh in daily to steaks, carne asada, filet mignon, etc. can be acquired. Our favorite places (besides the hotel bar) was to walk along the harbor area where many local restaurants were located. Daily specials were displayed, and lobster one day to fish tacos the next was also ordered, along with a beer and a shot of tequila!