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Transport for Azul, a 6 yr. Child

Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee
September 2nd, 2012

On September 2nd, 2012, Celia Diaz paid $300.00 to a volunteer pilot to fly a 6 year old U.S. Citizen by the name ofAZUL (Blue) from La Paz Baja California to San Diego. On August 31st ,2012, Celia received a call from a doctor at Salvatierra Hospital located in La Paz Baja California, requesting assistance for a 6 year old child who came in through the emergency room complaining of severe headache, back pain and vomiting.

According to the parents they were visiting in La Paz Baja California from Houston Texas, when the child began to complain of severe headaches, According to the doctors in Mexico the child arrived at the emergency room wearing a Cochlear device to hear. According to the parents the child was born deaf and a Cochlear device was installed in Texas when the child was a year old. Due to the pain the child did not want to wear the device and a couple of hours later the child began to ask her mother to please turn on the lights. For unknown reasons to the doctors said that the child suddenly went blind. She could not hear and she could not see.

The family did not have insurance or the $18,000.00 dollars to pay for the ambulance transport from La Paz to San Diego California. When Celia received the call, she was able to find a volunteer pilot who agreed to pick up the child and fly her back to San Diego Children's Hospital for a $300.00 dollar donation.

Excerpts for Celia's case files:

Upon arrival to Children's hospital the doctors ran many tests but have not been able to find out why the child suddenly went blind. She is now able to hear with the Cochlear device, but has not recovered her sight. The neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, and hearing specialist, are still puzzled as to the reason why the child lost her eyesight. Just this past Friday October 13, 2012, the neurosurgeon decided to place a shunt on her brain hoping to remove fluid from her brain that might possibly help her recover her sight. I am in contact with the family on a daily basis until the child's treatment is completed and she can go back home to Houston Texas.

The $300.00 dollars to pay the volunteer pilot to transport the child were obtained from the special fund we keep from The Stephenson Pope Babcock Foundation Fund. We only touch the special fund for extreme emergencies. THANK YOU.